Monday, 18 July 2016

Thoughts about the Work Day - Part 1: Garvey's Field

"I'm having fun today because the sun is out, we are playing American barbeque songs, Will is working, Jose is riding a bike, very smart move. we just had an Irish breakfast. I fixed a bucket. There are four more days left. My kids are happy in summer camp. And the students are great this year, I have been so happy with their progress and accomplishments. Even Ramiel. And Joseph is wearing rubber pants." - Sam Connell (Our fearless leader)

"Exhilarated. I feel wonderful. Just look up, it is a sunny day in Ireland. Nice hole [in reference to the cutting in Garvey's field]." - Colin Jaramillo

"No comment... Please, No paparrazzi. Step away from the bike! (continued riding bike to site) [20 mintues later] Alright since you keep bothering me, I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille. My feelings about this project so far?.... I thought I came to work hard and expand my knowledge of castles; I never thought I'd come to Ireland and get a sexy tan. Yet here I am, with a sexy (farmers) tan and in Ireland. Great weather Irish weather gods. I wonder how much it would cost to get an authentic taco truck from Mexico to pull up at the schoolhouse; Bosco has connections with transportation. I'm going to ask him. Speaking of Bosco, shout out to all of Ballin T! No more questions." - Jose Martin

"I have my secrets and I am not telling." - Nancy O'Shea

"The sun is out today. It is probably the hottest day, I've worked so hard. Ramiel is looking extra sexy today. My pants are halfway off because I am wearing shorts so it is acceptable. Got a good Irish breakfast today -lots of protein- unlike our normal soup, bread and butter. Will is working today, he's putting in hard work. So it's a good day." - Joseph Phan

"It is such a relief that it is the end of the day. I like it when it is sunny. I feel more full of energy. I like the feeling of being able to finish a day's worth of work. It feels satisfactory. I like finding things [artifacts]. i like seeing all of the cows. It's surprising how green it is here." -Will Matthews

"The alarm goes off. Its 7:01am. Theres a buzz, theres a buzz. Where is my phone? I reach for my phone. I dont see it. I look down there is a little screen flashing on the floor. I reach down to the floor I turn off my alarm. I slowly creep out of my bed. Water bottle? Bosco! Schoolhouse fire? Spice girls. Irish breakfast...lunch? Dirt moving. Running away. Garvey's field. Water screening. Irish breakfast! Cristyna drinking? Joseph strips! Joseph trust. Strong arms. Fin." - Ramiel Petros

"I like riding the bike in the country side. Coasting is nice. I like that I was able to be useful and that people liked my photos. I like being able to document all of it [the project] and being able to talk with people in town. And I love being able to walk the dog [Tubber, a dog owned by the local bike shop owner, Collum]. I like how green it is here and how scenic it is. There are so many picturesque views; as an artist I like it." -Jackie Melo

"It is a beautiful day, watching a trust building exercise, digging dirt. This is the best day I have seen in Ireland yet. Now if only I could get my GPS to hold a charge, then the day would be perfect. But my favorite day was still at Wexford." -Ann Warfield-Hooker

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