Sunday, 17 July 2016

Ballintubber Heritage Day - Saturday, July 16, 2016

Here in Ballintubber we have been celebrating Heritage Month throughout this month of July. We have gone to do peet cutting in the bogs (hilariously fun, pictures to come!), lecture on Medieval show making techniques, Irish Dance performances, etc.

Yesterday, we had Heritage Day where the community has food, crafts, and events. It's like a farmers market mixed with a festival. We saw how to churn butter, tug o war matches, delicious treats (scones from Benny's are the best you'll ever have). The project participated by giving guided tours of the castle so people could come in and see what we have been working on. There were around 200-300 people who came out and spent the day here in Ballintubber for the event which is AWESOME! Completed not anticipated and it was great to see everyone come out and join us!

Below are some pictures of such an amazing day!


Craft market

Yummy sweets and tea/coffee

GPR Demonstration

Groups lining up for castle tours

Explanation of Cutting 1

Using the total station to shoot in artifact points

Explaining Cutting 2

Tug O War! U.S. men vs Irish men

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