Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Thoughts about the Work Day - Part 2: The Lab

"This is one of my favorite years ever..so far! I've been running field schools with Sam, Chad, Siobhan, and Mo for the last ten years and I've had such a great time in Ireland this year. I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some of the local moms in town and the children. My kids have also been enjoying their time as well (look for their blog soon). The Foothill students and staff have been working so hard uncovering beautiful Medieval architecture and finding cool artifacts!! We will definitely come back to Ballintubber next year!" - Ana Lucia Gonzalez

“You tell one little beaver story and you are marked for life as an automatic weapon! All I said was imagine the last prehistoric beaver alone in a cave, dying, because he can’t find a mate! Although I am surprised that the directors, Ana and Sam, call me that. You know, it’s all your fault! You started with the sloths! [talking to me, Cristyna].” –AK-47 (aka Aleks Jimenez, aka Aleks with a k, aka Beaver Killer, aka achoo achoo achoo (she never sneezes once)…theres a lot more aka’s)
"The lab is pretty awesome! Bones are pretty cool. I learned how to identify ONE BONE since I’ve been here and it is called the atlas it holds your head onto your body. My favorite thing abut the trip: the Dublin museum, the ancient Egypt museum was the best! This trip was defiantly a great experience, even though the weather sucks… Except right now!" – Kayla Ward

"I like the Tayto’s they are my favorite! I eat one bag a day. I love postcards! I send 10 cards a week to different people. Mom got four, my boyfriend got four my friend got three. I don’t know how many that is I’m not a math person. I GOT TO MEET RAMIEL! I’ve really liked meeting new people, that I like and dislike… I learned I really liked cleaning bones, I guess I’m a Lab person. Everyone in our house is messy, I got tired of washing dishes in the first week so now I only wash my own. “Look at this. Look at this bone. Ramiel look” People and the locals are really friendly here. I really like traveling but I’m getting homesick. “Hi Cristyna, I feel like you leave our house because we have no food. We only have eggs. I don’t know what else to talk about. I’M NOT DONE. Give me a minute to think. This seems interesting I want to see what you got. Give me something that we did… OH, GOING IN THE CAVE. That was cool. Did everyone talk about feelings with Chad? I liked that I got to tell Chad everything I hated, such as being messy in our house. OH MY GOSH! Want to know what annoys me the most… When people leave a plate on the counter when the sink is four feet away. Yeah I can’t handle a roommate, I’m commuting to school. I think it’s because my mom always made us be clean so I’m used to it." – Dana Noguera

"Alright. What’s the first question? I would say one of my favorite things is definatly getting to leave home, and come up to work with old friends. Like Cristyna, and Jose and Dave. As for working in the Lab it is a change of pace from working in the field for 3 weeks. It’s nice because we have enough people so we don’t have to always rush everyday. Other than that… The only problem is I feel like we run out of stuff to do right now. It felt like that yesterday.  As for the house for this year, it’s about the same as last year. So I knew what to expect in terms of messiness. Excuse me a minute, I need to get… Hang on… I just needed to grab another bag. What was the most fun things was the hikes… Even if they were tiring.  Although I did get lost going up there I took the wrong path. Meeting the new students was fun. It’s a learning experience for the staff. Don’t really have a whole lot to say other than hope I get the chance to work with you again next year." –Johnny Beran

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