Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Although I need a few more days to digest this trip, I can say it was a life experience that I will never forget. It was amazing to be able to take in so much culture, history, and archeological disciplines in one go.I learned more than I ever could in a classroom with a textbook . I spent most of my time in the field  on foot survey, gradiometry, and digging/scraping.  I really enjoyed being around so many bright people who are interested in the same subjects as me. The fact that we  got to try and get a taste of learning Gaelic was very cool,  albeit  a bit difficult. One of the most unique things about the field school is that we were immersed into a rural community that the vast majority of people who visit Ireland will never have the opportunity to see. We met so many colorful locals who were more than welcoming, they were genuinely interested in hearing what we had to say. One of their more popular questions was " Trump or Clinton?" I would be remiss if I didn't mention the directors of the project, who showed incredible patience,  and are down right chill people.
--Aaron Turner

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